Brian Crower Camshafts
Crower Camshafts

Cam selection is based upon cylinder head of choice, turbocharger, turbo manifold, tuning device, and HP range. We are available to help you select your cam of choice.
SRT-4 Crower Selections Available
Advertised Duration Intake Exhaust
( in degrees)
Duration @ .050"
Intake Exhaust
(in degrees)
Lobe Lift Intake Exhaust
Gross Lift 1.75/1.75 Intake Exhaust

Stage 1- Works with stock valve springs and retainers. Daily driver, mild idle.
249 254
210 203
.410" .393"
.234" .226"

Stage 2- Aggressive street use and nitrous. SLight lope at idle. DCR Springs Required. RPM Range: 1500 to 7000+
267 249
218 210
.210" .245"
.425" .410"

Stage 3- 3/4 Race- Most popular profile for the street/strip. DCR Springs and DCR Lightweight Retainers are Mandatory. RPM Range: 2000 - 7200+
279 271
230 222
.260" .249"
.449" .433"

If you plan on installing your own Crower cams we recommend you purchasing the DCR Cam Fixture Tool and Dial Indicator to set the cams by the camshaft master pre-machined dowel holes located on all camshafts between #1 and #2 cylinder. This is the most accurate way for producing the best wheel horsepower and torque curve by camshaft and crank centerline being dead on. This will rule out any difference in deck height from the block, head, and head gasket thickness no matter what!


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Brian Crower Camshafts

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