DCR 2.6L HO Short Block
Competitors Destroked=Slow. At DCR, we increase stroke to increase displacement from 2.4L to 2.6L which has been proven for years in the biggest horsepower increases, dependability and 110% streetable. 8,600 RPM Safe for Steel Rods and 9,200 RPM Safe for Aluminum Rods

DCR Custom Stroker Forged Steel Rods (Rated 1200whp)- Aluminum Rods Available For Track Cars ONLY (Rated 1500whp)

DCR Custom Spherical Dish Pistons- DCR Machined Valve Pockets, Additional DCR Accumulator Grooves and Additional DCR Ring Land Grooves, Coated Piston Skirts, Includes Pins and Rings (not coated) with Compression from 6.8:1 - 8.5:1 for Stock Bore, .020 Over Bore, and .040 Over Bore (Higher Compressions Available, Consumer Assumes All Risk Associated with Custom High Compression, as it is not recommended or practical with the SRT-4 engine design).

DCR Stroker Crank

DCR Stroker Rod and Main Bearing Set

DCR Pioneered Crank Strap Kit (THE ONLY STRAP KIT PROVEN TO 1500HP!!!)- DCR Machining for Billet Straps to Reinforce the Arch between the Main and Rod Bolts

DCR Crank Stud Kit- Race Tested to 1400HP

ATi Harmonic Balance with DCR Keyway to DCR Stroker Crank

DCR Complete Oil System includes New Oil Pump Housing with DCR Coated Gears, DCR Windage Tray combined with DCR Crank Scraper and DCR Baffle, DCR Pick Up Tube and
DCR Big Filter Kit

DCR Manually Adjusted Billet Tensioner (Don't Settle for Knock-Offs)- Prevents from timing jumps, tested and proven at 1500HP

DCR Water Pump- O.E. Specifications

DCR Timing Belt- O.E. Specifications

DCR Oil Pan Stud Kit

DCR Block Bore and Hone

DCR Bottom End Build- Complete Assembly including Cleaning, Clearance Check and Labor

DCR Clearance Block for Custom Design Rods


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DCR 2.6L HO Short Block

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