DCR 5 Layer Head Gasket

DCR 5-Layer Head Gasket

High Boost Capabilities; The ONLY 5-Layer Head Gasket on the market to withstand 65lbs of boost at 1500HP!! Don't settle for knock-offs- Go with Reputation Not Speculation!! Add $8 to order for DCR spec. High Heat Paint for proper seal of head gasket.
The stock gasket is fine for around 400whp for some time. Most have good luck for awhile and then leakage occurs. The problem is the embossments "raised" sections of the top and bottom layer of the OE gasket when compressed only can seal for a given amount of cylinder pressure. The OE gaskets clamp load is very low on its on. DCR being the originator of the 5-layer gasket during our motor sports agreement with Dodge and Mopar discovered that by simply adding the additional layers the gasket triples its effective clamp load of these embossments when compressed. This rules out any leakage and enables the gasket to withstand extreme cylinder pressures for very long time. Always have cylinder head checked for flatness or decked as we do to insure the best seal possible.

The OE gasket is .028 when compressed.
Our DCR 5-Layer is .044 when compressed.
*NOTE* Let me clear this up now.....This will only lower static compression by only .2 tenths of a ratio. The slight difference in thickness of the thicker .044 (5-layer) will however increase fill volume of the cylinder allowing more pressurized "boosted" air in on the intake stroke (with larger than stock turbo chargers upwards of 38 lbs per min. compressor flow) compensating for the slight (.2ths) decrease in static compression. The increased fill volume actually will increase the running compression of engine back to within original compression ratio intended. So bottom line... ultimate sealing achieved and running compression within intended ratio.

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DCR 5 Layer Head Gasket

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