DCR Billet Timing Belt Tensioner

DCR SRT4 Billet Tensioner 

Manually Adjusted. Prevents jumped timing. Recommended for SRT4s with larger than OE cams or running above 275whp! Comes with detailed step by step instructions. The only Billet Tensioner on the market to handle up to 1500HP. DCR is the originator of these. We were the first to need and speed these! Don't settle for knock-offs where clearances and specs are not correct. We also carry a timing belt kit which has everything timing related; New Belt, New Idler for head and the DCR Billet Tensioner.

Add Cloyes option upgrade for the newer better quality. Cloyes has been making premium timing components for years! The DCR modified Cloyes tensioner prevents jumped timing.

  • Item #: 071-0005

DCR Billet Timing Belt Tensioner

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