DCR Cam Setting Fixture

DCR Cam Alignment Fixture

Puts the camshafts where they are meant to be by the camshaft master pre-machined dowel holes located on all camshafts between #1 and #2 cylinder.

This is the most accurate way for producing the best wheel horsepower and torque curve by camshaft and crank centerline being dead on. This will rule out any difference in deck height from the block, head, and head gasket thickness no matter what!   

This DCR fixture has eliminated Darrell Cox hours of camshaft degree time and guess work. It locks the camshaft in true centerline. Once locked in you loosen the cam gears adjustment screws and place dial indicator on fixture. Sweep in true TDC zero off of piston top and "bingo" it’s done and dead on. Lock the cam adjusting screws down and torque to spec.

 Since the cams are locked into centerline via DCR Cam Alignment Fixture the crank is "swept" in with dial indicator on piston for true TDC while the cam gears float (adjustment bolts loosened for slots) on the stationary camshaft. This will work on SRT4s, 1st Gen 2.0 DOHC Neons, 420A Eclipse, 95 up 2.4 DOHCs or any 95 up 2.4-2.0 DOHC engines. This eBay listing is DCR Cam Fixture only. DCR Dial Indicator and Magnetic Base sold separately.

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DCR Cam Setting Fixture

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