DCR Crank Strap Kit with DCR Crank Stud Kit

DCR is the originators of Billet Crank Strap Kits for the SRT-4. Billet straps reinforce main arches. Increases longevity and durability. (The ONLY Strap Kit Proven To 1500HP!!!). The bed plate must be have arches machined flat in order to strap the crank with DCR Steel Crank Straps. The ONLY Strap Kit on the market where line honing is NOT REQUIRED ($$SAVES YOU MONEY$$) when DCR performs machining of your bedplate. Contact me if sending bedplate in to DCR for machining service. Don't settle for knock-offs where clearances and specs are not accurate. Go with Reputation Not Speculation. 1500HP proven DCR Billet Steel Crank Strap Kit comes complete with crank straps, upgraded stronger tool steel bolts and instructions necessary. Works in tandem with our optional DCR Windage Tray, Crank Scraper and Baffle (specified for DCR Crank Strap Kit) and the DCR Crank Stud Kit, which is also available separately. It is recommended to strap your crankshaft to eliminate any chance of potential crankshaft, bearing or bedplate failure. If you have performance enhancers this is one to be added to your list to protect your investment. We also offer our DCR Direct Fit 6061 Crank Strap Kit that requires zero machining and installs by simply removing oil pan.

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DCR Crank Strap Kit with DCR Crank Stud Kit

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