DCR Oil System Package

DCR Oil Pump, DCR Windage Tray, DCR Crank Scraper, DCR Baffle, DCR Pick Up Tube and DCR Big Filter Kit

Please make sure to choose the Windage Tray option that you may need based on whether you are installing the oil system with DCR 6061 Direct Fit Strap Kit, DCR Crank Strap Kit and/or DCR Crank Strap Kit and DCR Crank Studs. Whether you are running a strap kit or not will determine the clearances for the crank scraper and the installation of the windage tray.

DCR Oil Pump- All New Housing with New DCR machined Gear Rotor Set with DCR exclusive coatings. Special machining performed to outer rotor to allow lubrication in pump housing bore. Inner gear is machined to prevent distortion where it engages crank snout. Gears are heat treated to 3x strength. Signature DCR CT-10 Coating. Proven to 1200hp. This is the most important purchase for your SRT-4. We have the proven DCR Oil Pump. No one else's pump comes close to the DCR Oil Pump. Proven for over 14 years now with the best results in longevity and performance.

DCR Windage Tray, DCR Crank Scraper and DCR Baffle- Designed for those just wanting to remove the balance shafts. 

DCR Pick Up Tube- One smooth radius bend and is larger than stock in diameter. Therefore allowing the capacity needed at higher horsepower and when you are removing the balance shafts. 

DCR Big Filter Kit- This kit removes the oil cooler and will be replacing it with a large K&N Filter. 

  • Item #: 071-0016

DCR Oil System Package

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