DCR Pro Series Turbo Manifold
DCR Direct Fit SRT-4 Pro Series Manifold

with add options to make it a complete DCR Pro Series Kit!
New, Improved Flow Design Utilizing Firing Order Sequence (1,3,4,2) in Rotation into Collector. The Best Spool Up Characteristics While Supporting the Most Horsepower throughout the Entire RPM Range. Stainless Steel 1 5/8" I.D. Primaries with .120" Wall Thickness for the Utmost in Durability.
Street and Race Proven supporting up to 1000+HP (depending on turbo size). Available in T-3 or T-4 Flange setups. Does not include air intake. Manifold comes uncoated, highly recommended to add coating option.

Recommended Options

-T-4 flange upgrade.
-3" down pipe with flexjoint and 3" V-band connection (Discharge flange can be changed to match your turbo).
- Precision 46mm wastegate, Tial 44mm wastegate or Tial 38mm wastegate.
DCR custom wastegate discharge pipe to atmosphere.
DCR modified O.E. charge pipe (Provided aftermarket pipe can be modified).
Swain Technologies White Lightning Coating
We need your turbo of choice prior to Pro Series Turbo Kit build.

  • Item #: 009-0017

DCR Pro Series Turbo Manifold

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