Option A Kit
Ideal for the Do-It-Yourself Engine Builders

DCR Manley "H-Beam" Rods with ARP 2000 Rod Bolts- All DCR Machined for correct clearances for the proper wristpin fitment and DCR Balanced.
DCR Custom Spherical Dish Pistons- DCR Machined Valve Pockets, Additional DCR Accumulator Grooves and Additional DCR Ring Land Grooves, Coated Piston Skirts, Includes Pins and Rings (not coated) with Compression from 6.8:1 - 8.5:1 for Stock Bore, .020 Over Bore, and .040 Over Bore (Higher Compressions Available, Consumer Assumes All Risk Associated with Custom High Compression, as it is not recommended or practical with the SRT-4 engine design).
DCR Coated Rod and Main Bearing Set Complete Bottom End Gasket/Seal Set DCR Water Pump with Gasket DCR Timing Kit including Gates Timing Belt, Idler Pulley and DCR Billet Manual Tensioner

  • Item #: 071-0023

Option A Kit

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